Chief Warden Training

Chief Warden Training

The chief warden needs to be able to respond in any emergency, to give clear directions in emergency conditions, to make decisions that are correct for the type of situation, and to report to the emergency services. It is a leadership role, consistent with the Emergency Control Organization (ECO). He/she needs to operate in accordance with the expectations of control and command as specified in the AS3745-2010, and the framework of the ECO team.

The Chief Warden Training includes:

  • Australian Standard 3745 -2010                                                    .

  • Chief Fire Warden Legislative and Regulatory requirements

  • Emergency Planning Committee

  • Emergency Control Organisation

  • Chief Fire Warden Training requirements

  • Fire Warden Identification & Structure

  • Emergencies where evacuation may be required

  • Methods of raising the alarm

  • Safety Procedures in a fire emergency

  • Bomb Threat Procedures

  • Persons with Disabilities

  • Duties & Responsibilities of Chief Fire Wardens

  • Command & Control

  • Briefing the Emergency Services

  • Human Behaviours

A certificate of participation will be issued. Duration is 1 hour. The people this course is aimed at are:

1. The chief fire warden

2. Deputy chief fire warden

3. Communications officer

4. First aid officer

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