Emergency Management Plans Sydney

Emergency Management Plans Sydney

The establishment of an Emergency Management Plan is vital for businesses towards dealing with fire and other emergencies. It is a careful, considered approach to mitigate fire and other threats, such as medical, structural, armed hold-up, accidental, chemical and biological emergencies across all Australian businesses.

While emergencies are everyone's responsibility, under Australian standard 3745-2010, under the NSW fire and Safety Regulation and the WHS Act, employers have a duty of care to provide Emergency Management Plans Sydney to their Emergency Control (ECO) teams, in order for them to be prepared for any of these emergencies. This is part of their duty of care for their staff, customers, and others in their facility. Emergency fire services do their best to assist in the control of a fire emergency, but someone in your business must know how to handle the movement of people into a place of safety so that emergency services can deal with a fire, spillage or other emergency.

Why not take charge of your own safety and that of your staff by developing procedures that will assist fire wardens to be informed and prepared and be able to respond quickly and effectively when an alarm is sounded? This is where we come in. We will work with you to produce a careful and precise Emergency Management Plan in Sydney, in a professional and cost-effective manner.

Our qualified staff will develop threat and hazard-specific emergency procedures by making use of an emergency response plan template for small businesses. Partner with us to make an effective emergency management plan for your commercial building and help your business to deal with any damage and restore normal operations, should there be any emergency situation.

We also prepare a high standard fire emergency evacuation plan that will guide your staff to make all arrangements from calling the fire brigade to carrying out proper evacuation of the building occupants.

Give us the responsibility of ensuring fire safety and preparing your business-specific emergency management plan in Sydney and keep your peace of mind. We will put our best efforts to provide you with optimal measures and plans to keep your employees, business property and possessions completely safe, in case any fire emergencies occur. Get in touch with us today.

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