Planning for All Emergencies

Planning for All Emergencies

The mitigation and management of fire and most other emergencies in the workplace is a most important consideration. Warden teams across Australian businesses should be trained in the management of fire, the use of fire suppression equipment on small fires, as well as the handling of general emergencies.

This short course will explain the main considerations of establishing an Emergency Control Team to be able to take control of workplace emergencies such as fire. The following areas will be discussed, as per Australian Standard 3745-2010

1. The establishment of the Emergency Planning Committee (EPC).

2. The establishment of the Emergency Control Organization (ECO).

3. Duties and responsibilities for both teams and other occupants.

4. Risk procedures in your workplace.

5. Emergency Procedures during alarms (various emergencies).

6. The development of a comprehensive and site-specific Emergency Management Plan.

7. The development of Emergency Floor Diagrams.

8. Education and training for compliance.

9. Protection systems in your facility/building.

10. Evacuation exercises using an observer to record effectiveness, and debriefing.

11. How to remain fire compliant.





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