Fire Products

Ozmetro Fire Services supplies fire products for the safety of clients, to equip the Emergency Control Organisation (ECO) to perform their emergency management of small fires, effectively.

We provide Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) such as helmets/caps, gloves, goggles, and ear plugs, together with a host of fire suppression equipment such as Hose reels, Fire extinguishers, Hose reels and Fire blankets. Other products include illuminated exit signs,  Hose reel cabinets and various signage.

Why use fire protection products- A question you might be thinking about is, why shall I use fire protection products? Fire products help to protect commercial buildings, factories, warehouses, scholls, and other venues from fire breakouts. When fire products are used correctly, occupants might get safe passage.

Fire products that you can purchase from us-

Fire suppression equipment: You can get an array of products like Hose reels, Fire extinguishers, Hose reels, and Fire blankets. The other products include illuminated exit signs, Hose reel cabinets, and signage.

Below are some examples:

Fire extinguishers- This equipment is designed to be used on small fires. Extinguishers will combat flames and prevent the fire from spreading further. A portable extinguisher may contain water, foam, dry chemical powder, CO2, or wet chemical.

Fire blankets- The fire blankets are designed for smoothening a fire. These are installed in kitchen environments and where a small window of opportunity is needed to obtain an extinguisher oro call for the emergency services.

Fire hose reels- These are ideal for extinguishing class 'A' fires, which may include paper, rubber, wood, plastic or rubbish - all non conductive materials.

Signage- All fire equipment should be accompanied by standard signage. This helps to identify the location and type of equipment available for use in an emergency.

Hore Reel Cabinet-  Fire Hose reels may be placed in cabinets for protection from the environment around the such as exposure to sunlight/heat, electrical wiring and other. Fire extinguishers are often kept in cabinets also for similar reasons.

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