Educational & Early Learning

Educational & Early Learning

Why train with Ozmetro Fire Services?

We provide fire training to hundreds of industry venues including Schools, Colleges and Early learning Childrens' centres. We provide first response training, evacuation drills and fire extinguisher training to these facilities in Sydney and surrounding areas. With over 15 years experience we are well equiped to train you and give you the skills needed to mitigate an emergency and remain safe.

What is needed for compliance?

1. Fire Warden training once per year.

2. One full evacuation per year.

3. Emergency Procedures.

4. Evacuation diagrams.

When you purchase our full training package we will give you:

1. A FREE WHS Audit report of your centre or building.

2. A certificate of participation.

Our full package includes:

1. First response warden training

2. A full evacuation exercise

3. Fire extinguisher training



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